The start of a new year means so much. It is the time a lot of people make a fresh start. I am all for it. I want to support anybody who is working on bettering their self just as I would want them to support me in my quest for badassery. Unfortunately, some people can frustrated because they feel their space has been encroached upon.

Although, I have been moving a long time, I actually was the receiver of shame recently. I went to a new yoga studio to support my long time teacher teaching in a new space. (I also went to get a restorative ass kicking in the most loving way). As I laid out my mat a woman snickered at me and muttered under her breath that in three weeks I will be gone. Yikes!!

I let go of the fact that I have actually been with my teacher for a long time and tried to put myself in a new person’s shoes. With that kind of welcoming, it is no wonder people feel intimidated and don’t stick with their movement practice. (Well, that and the epidemic of sacrificing health for fitness but more on that on another time.)

I have a favor of all of you. If you are just starting out, don’t let someone else’s opinion derail your quest for wellness. One of my favorite teachers, Judith Lasater once told me, “People are going to judge you no matter what so do it anyway”

If you have a long time movement practice would you be willing to reach out, give some warmth and make someone feel welcome and supported? It is hard to make a change and your encouragement could be just the thing that keeps them coming back.

Together we just might make the world a little healthier.

In wellness,


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