Monthly Archives: April 2015


I am currently in Puerto Vallarta on my way to Sayulita for a yoga retreat. I decided to come a day early so I didn’t feel rushed.

I woke up and walked in search of coffee. Low and behold, I found myself at a Starbucks. I purchased my USUAL grande black coffee and immediately logged onto wifi. (My coffee addiction does not hold a candle to my wifi addiction.)

As I started reading my non imperative emails I realized what I was doing. The Starbucks I was sitting in looked exactly like every other Starbucks. If I was going to have my brain partake in the same exact activities in the same place why on earth did I bother leaving home? Although my physical body was in a different country, my brain was not coming along for the ride!!!

I love studying the brain. UC Berkely professor Marion Diamond, whose lectures can be watched on YouTube for free, taught me that the brain requires 5 things for optimum health.
1) Nutrition
2) Movement
3) Challenge
4) Love
5) NEWNESS!!!!

Traveling is an amazing way to get your newness in. It allows me to step away and look at my life more objectively because I am not in it but, if I am sitting in Starbucks reading my emails,my brain is still entrenched in my life no matter where in the world my body is.


I have decided right after I post this (ahem), I am going to disconnect so I can connect fully with the sights of Mexico instead of the sight of my IPhone screen, the sounds of Mexico instead of the sound of my audio book and the tastes of Mexico instead of the tastes of a chain business all while making my brain happy and healthy with novelty!!! That, my friends is how to take your brain with you on vacation.